About KD

Katong Diner was our little Covid baby, borne of a need to reconnect with friends and family, but also with our sense of curiosity. A combination of forced patience and introspection reminded us what our neighbourhood was about—community. It is about building relationships; sharing great conversations over great food, with a hark back to the family dinner table, where there was pause in the day to sit, eat and share. Our diner will carry the soulful patina of our past experiences, our travels spent ducking into closet izakaya's and lunching on the floor of a Bhutanese farmhouse. It will be a celebration of pure, unadulterated flavours that speak in the Katong vernacular, open to anybody and everybody.


Helmed by chef Anand Pereira and architect Jasper Chia, Katong Diner is a private dining concept. Against Anand's soulful platter is Jasper's understated modernist architecture finished in concrete and plywood. A subtle marriage of hospitality and architecture, over food and music.


Alphaville in the heart of Katong, designed by FUUR, 2016

All images photographed by Khoo Guo Jie

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